Brad Jacobs is a career CEO and serial entrepreneur with a unique track record as a Wall Street moneymaker. To date, he has founded and led seven billion-dollar or multibillion-dollar companies, creating tens of billions of dollars of value for shareholders.

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Brad Jacobs

Jacobs is managing partner of Jacobs Private Equity, LLC. He serves as chairman of the board of XPO, Inc. (NYSE: XPO), which he founded in 2011, and of XPO spin-offs GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO) and RXO, Inc. (NYSE: RXO). He is the author of How to Make a Few Billion Dollars.

In December 2023, after a comprehensive year-long search, Brad Jacobs announced his intention to create his eighth company, QXO, Inc., and build it into a market leader in building products distribution — an industry with approximately $800 billion in annual revenue between North America and Europe, according to industry estimates.  

QXO’s strategy is to create a tech-forward leader in the building products distribution industry through significant, accretive acquisitions and organic growth, with the goal of generating outsized stockholder value.  

Jacobs will become chairman and chief executive officer of QXO upon closing a previously announced $1 billion cash investment into SilverSun Technologies, Inc., which will continue as a publicly traded company under its new name. 

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Jacobs’ seven companies are described in more detail below.

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